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What We Do

As an Art Consultancy, the work of SICCA is divided into 4 components: 1. Art Interventions in Public Spaces Using our network and expertise of cultural management, we organize art festivals, residencies, community engagement events and curated experiences to create a platform for indigenous artwork to be showcased and to forge possibilities of collaboration between […]

Bauls of Bengal

The train was super crowded, I could see-smell-feel the sweat of the passengers around me. The late afternoon heat of Bengal was beginning to make me dizzy and the crowd ofoverpowering sensations was making me drift off to a distant land, without physically moving aninch. In the midst of this travel between the land of sleep […]

Cities Under Flyovers

In Hyderabad is our country’s longest flyover and it was inaugurated in the year 2009. The flyover connects Mehdipatnam to Aramghar junction on NH-7 leading to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad and is 11.6 Km long. For the purpose of this Blog, we are examining the recyclability of the urban space under flyovers in […]

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