SICCA Advocates Program

Be a Part of our Team

The SICCA Advocates Program aims to create and nurture a community of students who represent the our vision on ground. They are a group of select individuals, carefully sorted from the students who attend our modules, and mentored to grow in an area of their choice.

  1. To create a community of students/ youth who advocate for sustainable tourism and experience based education.
  2. To mentor students based on their interest areas and to help sharpen their communication skills set.
  3. To offer an opportunity to continue the module work practically on ground, with more focus and detail.
Program Details
  1. The Program is a running model which accepts applications all year round
  2. It involves a minimum of 3 months commitment. At the end of which, an offer of internship may be extended based on performance.
  3. All Advocates of SICCA will be trained in the practical application of the tools taught during the SICCA Modules.
  4. Based on their interests, each advocate will be allotted a mentor and a project. 
  5. The program will nurture and build upon the investigative capacity, communication command, observational curiosity and presentation skill of each advocate. 
  6. The profile may involve travelling to scout for and document traditional art forms, artists, stories, interviews, festivals and more. 
  7. All Expenses of travel will be reimbursed and a month stipend of INR 2500 will be offered to each Advocate  
  1. Applicants must have completed one of the SICCA Modules, either in person or remotely.
  2. Applicants must be 18yrs and above

Application Process

Send the following documents to with the Subject line “SICCA Advocates Program Application”:

  1. A 500 word Statement of Intent
  2. A link to the assignment completed in the SICCA module
  3. The application can be made in any language. However, for regional languages, a translation (to English) of the Statement of Intent will be required.
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