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Who We Are

Community, Ecology, Education

SICCA as an arts consultancy works for the promotion and archival of indigenous arts and architecture practices of the country, achieved through various tools and media.


To be one of the leading art consultancies in India that archive and promote traditional arts and bridge the gap between artists and potential audience through the use of technology, and design solutions using the medium of arts.


To create an online living directory of 100 SICCA Affiliate Spaces, Document and host the work of 1000 SICCA Associates on the Marketplace and host 10 Residencies and workshops by the year 2025.

What We Do

SICCA's three verticals

Education through     Art

Designing online programmes and workshops with children, focused on nature, upcycling and art practices. We also organise experiential learning tours for rural immersion and exposure to indigenous knowledge.

Community Engagement

Through our residencies, we create public art interventions in collaboration with local communities. The facilitators are local community members and they collaborate with resident artists to create work that addresses the immediate concern of the host community.

Digital Partnerships

A digital network of art residency spaces in non-urban areas.This platform is a unique bridge between rural artists and urban artists as well as art consumers. These spaces are entitled SICCA Affiliate Spaces, and the artists, SICCA Associate Artists.

How We Do It

SICCA Affiliates

Residencies/ Workshops/ Events at Affiliate Centres

SICCA Associates

Facilitated by the local artists and community members

SICCA Archives

Multimedia Documentation of Living Indigenous Heritage

Our Story

What makes SICCA different

The all-women team, led by a performance artist and consisting of three architects-one
of whom is also a visual artist- came together during 2020 while all of us were pursuing
Anant Fellowship for the Built Environment with Anant National University, Ahmedabad.
SICCA was developed under the Live Action Project part of the Fellowship, where we were
mentored over the course of nine months by various field experts. United by a passion to build something rooted in community work and promoting traditional Indian practices, the four of us have tried to find a niche and carve the current hybrid model through various pilot
projects and on-ground research.

Why We Exist​

Encouraging indigenous art & artisans


Problem 1

Art has proven to be a strong tool for facilitation and personal growth, yet does not sufficiently get incorporated in social engagement spaces and educational curriculum.
street-view (1)

Problem 2

The traditional arts have seen a reduction in audiences over time, which has amplified the endangerment of many such last-generation art forms. The need for archiving and innovating with technology is felt deeply within the artist communities we interact with.

Problem 3

The parity between rural artists and urban audiences/ consumers is increasing due to the lack of technological bridges.

Our Team

Nikita Teresa Sarkar


A graduate of the National School of Drama and Edinburgh Napier University… Read More 

Hesha Shah


Hesha is an architect and an avid traveler from
Ahmedabad… Read More 

Sadhya Bhatnagar


Sadhya is an architect by education and a writer by passion…. Read More 

Divnoor Kaur


Divnoor Kaur is an architect and entrepreneur from
Ludhiana….. Read More 


An alumnus of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and the Australian National University, Canberra, Dr. Galla is UNESCO Chair on Inclusive Museums & Sustainable Heritage Development, Professor of Inclusive Cultural Leadership & Director, International Centre for Inclusive Cultural Leadership (ICICL), Dean of Faculty Development & Leadership and Executive Director of the International Institute for the Inclusive Museum (IIIM), Australia/USA.


International Consultant Emmanuel is a Theatre Practitioner from Accra, Ghana and holds a BA in Theatre Arts and Archaeology and a MFA from the University of Ghana. He pursues photography as a hobby. He uses the skills to impact positive change in waste and sanitation practices in Ghana and the world at large.

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