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What We Do

As an Art Consultancy, the work of SICCA is divided into 4 components:

1. Art Interventions in Public Spaces

Using our network and expertise of cultural management, we organize art festivals, residencies, community engagement events and curated experiences to create a platform for indigenous artwork to be showcased and to forge possibilities of collaboration between urban and rural artists. The facilitators for our workshops are folk artists themselves so as to not appropriate any art form and benefit the artist community directly. The festivals are also a way to create awareness about many lesser known art forms and generate audience interest in them. We also undertake personal projects of waste management through community engagement, gender equity projects and online expression through art sessions.


To create alternate spaces of performance in non-urban settings and also to generate new audiences (rasiks) for the arts, we have started an initiative to find and host all possible residency spaces on one website. The spaces need not be elaborately equipped but could simply be small ‘baithak’ venues like an empty garage, a basement, terrace or garden. The idea is to make alternate spaces of exploration or practice accessible to the artist community as well as to create patrons by encouraging house owners to open up their homes to the arts

3. Education through Art

The aim of our education through arts modules is to encourage creative thinking in the younger generation to create solutionaries who can identify problems in their immediate surrounding and design innovative solutions by taking a holistic view. All our modules are designed to incorporate multiple perspectives, collaborations, and inter disciplinary approach

4. Capturing the Intangible

Oral traditions of storytelling, vernacular architecture, traditional family recipes or games that are slowly disappearing in the age of the digital – these are just some of the intangible aspects of culture that we have started documenting and archiving to create an online museum of the undocumented. The attempt is not to simply archive intangible heritage but also to study it and highlight the good practices that traditional knowledge is often cased in. To become a contributor, please get in touch with us at

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